Best Affordable Places for Family Trip in the USA

When you plan to take a tour in the USA with your family, you should look for an accessible destination with various attractions capable of pleasing all of you. Ensure the destination have a variety of hotels to accommodate the whole group at an affordable price. You can rent a family car with enough space for all of you and your luggage to help you move efficiently from one place to another. The best way to do it is by using car rental service such as

Things to consider while choosing a destination.

• Availability hotels/resorts, their services, and prices.

• The climatic conditions.

• Rental cars and their prices.

• Attraction sites present.

• The overall cost of the entire trip.

Below are six best friendly places for a family vacation in the USA with a tight budget.

Grand Canyon 

This is one of the most attractive and affordable places in the world. Visit the desirable view of this place through hiking the North Rim or Bright Angel. There are campsites and hotels like the Grand Canyon Lodge that you can book in advance during the summer or spring periods. You can reserve a Pioneer Cabin of up to 6 people for about $180 per night. The Grand Canyon Cookout offers delicious barbecue at an affordable price. It is a great place to be with your family during a vacation.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine 

The Old Orchard Beach is the most appealing, beautiful and peaceful site to be in Maine since the 19th century. Take your family here to enjoy watching the top-score whale, gentle waves, fishing, among other things. Your kids will also like a dozen outings in the hilarious New England Park as well as playing on the Palace Playground. Additionally, you can get a lodge with enough space and beds for the entire group at around $120 per night. Enjoy the flavorsome seafood and a fresh lobster roll at the Sunset Bar & Grill; all at very cheap prices.


Get inspired by the springs, canyons, sub-alpine forests and mountains when you visit Yellowstone. It is a massive natural reserve and national park, which operates seven campsites at around $12-$26 per night. That is if you carry your own tent, an RV or rent a family car. However, during the summer, hotels raise their charging rates for services like accommodation due to crowding. Nevertheless, you won’t spend this if you have your tent or car. In addition, you can take your family to the Mammoth Hot Springs or Grand Prismatic Springs.

San Diego

This is the best place to take a trip with your family. With 70 miles of wonderful coastline, it is regularly sunny and capable of attracting all sun-seekers and active tour-lovers. Grab your favorite meals at the Mexican cookery as you watch the prosperous nightlife. Additionally, catch a wave at the Mission Beach and relax on the sun at La Jolla. This is an awesome and leisurely place for you and your family.

The Catskills

When you go to a family vacation in Catskills, there is a variety of ways to utilize your time. There are farms where you can find animals to feed. In addition, you can engage in skiing in the winter and boating during summer. There are all-encompassing hotels that are inexpensive to accommodate your entire family. However, finding a local campsite would save you some cash.

Chicago, Illinois

When you plan your Chicago vacation carefully, you will save a lot of money. Try to keep yourself busy in the day by visiting free sites such as the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Smart Museum, and National Museum of Mexican Art. Additionally, consider going to Chinatown for spicy delicious meals such as hot dogs and deep-dish pizza.

Final verdict

For the trip to be fun and joyous to the entire family without compromising your accounts, consider visiting the above places. Then set up the plan and decide whether you will be staying in the resorts, which is quite expensive, or you will rent a family car and save tons of cash.