Best topiary parks in Ireland

Parks are the places to do some of the regular and common things like exercise, joggings and walking for a short period of time. It also gives us fresh airs to breathe. The parks in Ireland are well known as a visiting place once in your outings. It gives us a peace of mind. Well, there are people who don’t have vehicles to travel in Ireland, rather they can plan on taking a booked vehicle and have a trip.

The most used travels in Ireland are rental24h Ireland, which are regular moving travel to guide the tourists to show the beauty and history of Ireland and its importance’s. The below are the few of the best visiting places with description.

Parke’s Castle, Co


Parke's Castle - 2

This place has a good architecture design with two rounded flankers towards the north forming one of the end and the other has the building with an entrance gate to the enclosure. Inside that, there are many stone works done with a well-finished material. There is a sally port and postern gate too. It doesn’t contain flankers surrounded on the lakeshore. The water level from this place is now decreased from 3 meters from the earlier 17th century against the walls of bawn.

Ballyportry Castle,

Co Clare

Ballyportry Castle

Ballyportry Castle is the oldest tower built in the 15th century and is still restored to the living society. It is a good place to visit with a group. It is a castle, which allows eight people maximum to stay in the castle at a time under any circumstances. It gives us a thrilling experience to spend your time in this castle. There are guides and waiters who prepare and send you the food or any requirements on time to your door.

Altidore Castle, Co



Altidore, the castle built to resemble a residence for the person called General Thomas Pearce in the year 1730. This architecture and design were done by Sir Edwards and the team of finest buildings is now the historian’s place in present scenario with a neat maintenance and still giving a royal satisfaction in the castle for visiting people. In the 18th century, sham forts designed it with Pearce and his relatives is now architect called Sir John Vanbrugh.

Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre

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The story of this historic center is between the two kings who fought occurred on July 1st, 1690. It took place at the banks of River Boyne, the monarchs of rivals. The two kings King James II and his son in law William III had a clash very brutally with consequences of fearful. Both the kings had ordered their armies in the fight.

Willimas were covered with 36,000 and James were covered with 25,000. Both had a huge gang of soldiers and deployed their war in the battle. The power of French was dominated in Europe with religious to make a chapter in the history of Irish.

Crom Castle, Co


Crom Castle, Newtownbutler, N,Ireland

This is one of the known historic places with its archipelago of wooded islands in Upper Lough Erne in country Fermanagh, for over 350 years and unrivaled place in the Lake Districts of Ireland. This is now the magical place to stay in at West Wing Crown. It is available for rents now for long and short weekends and it has provided an option of customized catering or an ordered catering while your stay in this villa.